6 reasons why you’re not doing your abm b2b strategy right

The ABM B2B or Account Marketing (ABM) is a strategic marketing technique that they sell to other companies. It is based on being able to identify potential accounts in order to join efforts towards them in order to attract them and build a lasting relationship. This is achieved by creating personalized campaigns that add great value to customers and optimizing results through monitoring and measurement.

The ABM strategy has become a fundamental pillar in B2B companies since it is one of the most beneficial strategies for this type of company. This is due to the high return on investment (ROI) it offers compared to other strategies.

The buying process in B2B companies is usually more extensive and thoughtful than in B2C companies and also increases when the product or service is more expensive. This is why betting on an ABM strategy that really generates value for your customers is key to exponentially increasing purchase opportunities.

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6 reasons why you’re not doing your abm b2b strategy right

The B2B environment is an upward strategy since according to the study carried out by Demand base: “around 70% of global B2B companies had partial or full ABM programs underway” which shows us the potential and importance of implementing it.

The abm strategy for B2B companies has a great success rate, but a correct implementation is necessary for this to happen. For this reason, we are going to see the reasons why you may be implementing incorrectly and how to solve them:


1. 1. An ABM B2B strategy requires marketing and sales alignment

For the implementation of the ABM strategy in the B2B sector, a correct alignment between the marketing and sales departments is essential. These must be complemented in the acquisition of clients and the achievement of a final objective.

When the actions of both departments are not unified, the process loses efficiency by not having a defined focus and sales opportunities can be lost during the Buyer Journey.

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1.2. Results are not measured or are measured incorrectly


Once we have implemented our ABM strategy, it is vitally important to measure the results obtained. This will allow us to find out which channels and content are most effective for us so that we can re-adapt our strategy if necessary.

Some of the metrics that cannot be missing in a B2B company are:

  •  Increase in traffic received on the web.
  •   Quality of the leads obtained.
  •  SEO positioning of relevant keywords in the sector.
  •  Channels with the most traffic and conversion .
  •   Bounce rates on the different pages of the web.
  •  Content opening and subscription rates.

One of the most used tools to measure these performance indicators (KPIs) that determine the impact of the strategy is Hubspot. This tool has a specific screen for the target accounts.

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1.3. Wrongly defining the target audience that the abm b2b strategy will focus on

In an ABM strategy that focuses on a specific segment for which personalized content and communication is created, it is essential to be clear about what type of customer it is to attract.

We must pay attention to the factors that can affect the cycle and the purchase decision to avoid investing time and effort in campaigns that will not bring you the expected return.


1.4. The execution of the ABM B2B strategy does not follow a clear structure

For any ABM B2B strategy to be successful, it must have a good action plan outlined in advance. This plan should be based on a market study and not on assumptions. This action plan must be carefully analyzed since a failure in any of its points could lead to an error in the entire strategy. At Connext we have an ABM work methodology tested in different sectors.

If you want to know more, contact us or request more information through our agro website.


1.5 Search results too fast

The B2B companies spend much of the buying process at the top of the sales funnel, this is because the decisions are of great importance and take them perform an exhaustive process of research and evaluation.

According to a study by Clutch, “More than 50% spend at least a month researching and evaluating their options.” Even though your content is relevant, they may not be ready to purchase. Before making the sale, you must listen and understand their pain in order to offer them the best solution.


1.6. The content you offer is not relevant or does not add enough value

Once you have been able to attract traffic to your website, it is necessary that the content you contribute generates an interest in the consumer so that they want to move towards a future interaction with you.

One of the best ways to create relevant content is to combine your ABM B2B strategy with an Inbound Marketing strategy. The latter consists of generating content to attract your target audience. The combination of both will allow you to create a differential experience for your potential clients.

2. Keys to establishing a good ABM strategy in b2b markets

As we have commented previously, in order to implement an ABM strategy it is essential to know what steps to follow and analyze each of them in depth .


2.1. Identify the target audience

correct alignment of the sales team and the marketing team is necessary to achieve quality leads in which we must prioritize the strategy

Having a technological tool can help you correctly segment your target audience. One of the most used is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for which if you are interested in knowing more you can find information in the: Sales Navigator Guide


2.2 Study the concerns of your target audience and the decision-making profiles in the company

Find out who are the decision makers in the company and what worries them. With this we can create a message with which to draw your attention and start the interaction with the company.


2.3 Create personalized and valuable content


It is in this phase that we combine our ABM strategy with an Inbound or content creation strategy, emphasizing the high degree of customization that is necessary to successfully develop the abm b2b strategy.


2.4 Define the best action channels and launch the ABM campaign

At this point, we must analyze in which channels our target audience is moving and converting the most. Once this information is obtained, the campaign is launched. The objective is to create personalized and high-value content so that through the lead nurturing technique we can mature new leads and retain current customers.



2.5 Analyze the results

Once the strategy is completed, we must measure the results we have obtained to see what the return on our investment (ROI) has been to adapt to them and continue to implement improvements in the strategy.

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